Thanks for viewing my blog.  My name is Matt Hensley and I am a Sr. Technical Consultant and the Technology Consulting Manager for Varrow, Inc.

I have been in the Information Technology field for the past 9+ years in multiple capacities including both on the customer and vendor side.  Some of the many roles I have enjoyed throughout my professional career include MSI Packager, Project Manager, Server Engineer, Business Intelligence Architect, Sales Engineer, Consultant, and the list goes on.  My current role with Varrow gives me the best of all worlds as I can operate in a pre-sales capacity evangelizing technology while also performing the occasional implementation.  Plus I get to work with best of breed technologies in virtualization, networking, and storage.

I live with my wife, Krista, in East Bend, NC, with our small farm of animals and like to race cars in the SCCA as well as fish when I’m not at work.


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9 06 2009
Tyler Rohrer

Great article on a topic that needs more illumination. End user experience is key -without it, adoption and benefit from these emerging technologies collectively known at VDI will suffer.


17 02 2011
Mary Andruszkiewicz


9 04 2011
Kevin Trent

Matt Hensley! Its Kev!! i hope you see this post. It’s been a long time, hit me up via e-mail.

11 05 2011
Mark Fermin

Hi Matt – great blog! I am supremely jealous of your Patagonia trout hunt. I’ve done some re-aligning of life priorities myself recently and can appreciate your dedication to true passion in life. I hope you and your family are doing well and glad to hear your professional life is going so well. Be safe! Hope you catch some nice fish!

11 05 2011

Thanks Mark! Go to hear from you and hope your doing well. Give me a shout if you want to go fishing sometime.

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