Passion as Purpose

30 01 2011

There was a time when former wives and some friends would start rolling their eyes at this point, but I’ve noticed that, over the years, city folk with no poetry in their souls have largely dropped out of my life on their own accord, so now there is little or no eye rolling to deal with. It’s just fishing season. The most natural thing in the world.

That is a passage from a book called Even Brook Trout Get the Blues by John Gierach, which a dear friend of mine recently gave to me. This particular excerpt rings loud and clear for me as I stare down my departure for what is arguably the trip of my life (at least up to this point).

For some time now fly fishing has slowly crept in and began to take over all aspects of my life, outside of my family and career of course. You may have noticed the BMW race car on the header of my blog…it represents my other main hobby which is cars, and specifically road racing. Even a year ago if you would have asked me where I was going on a free weekend I would say to the race track, but not anymore. If I have a free day now, I am headed to the mountains, or closest body of water, to get my fish on.

You see, I finally realized that I have passion for something beyond it just being a hobby or a way to spend the waking hours. This passion drives me to be the best that I can be at what I set out to do, and to experience it in the fullest way possible. Therefore with the blessing of my wife and a very accommodating employer, I am departing this coming week for Patagonia…the southernmost area of Chile and Argentina in South America. I’m going down there with one purpose…to catch beautiful fish, i.e. huge trout, in one of the most remote and pristine natural environments on earth.

Thinking back to the gift, it really surprised me when my friend gave me a book about fly fishing as he isn’t any kind of fisherman himself, and definitely doesn’t know anything about fly fishing other than the few tidbits of information that I’m sure have sunk in from hearing me blabber on about the subject. But he didn’t have to understand it at all to recognize my passion for fishing. When you have true passion in what you do it is unmistakable to everyone around you.

As I focus on this passion I realize that it carries through to all aspects of my life…my beautiful wife, my family, and my career. While I’m sure it could be argued that most people have passion for their family and wife, there probably isn’t a ton of people that are truly passionate about their job. I can happily say this isn’t the case for me.

It’s hard to believe that I am sneaking up on my 2 year anniversary at Varrow…my how the time has flown. Sure, it has been a roller coaster ride but I think the main reason that it has gone by so fast is that for the first time in my professional career I finally have passion in what I do for a living. No doubt I love technology as much as the next techie, and it is a blessing when you get to focus on best of breed solutions like we do…but ultimately it’s the passion for your company and tribe that drives love for your professional career.

Heck, my boss and co-founder of the company has so much passion about what he has helped to build that, as an example, he gave us all black hoodies at our Christmas party and had us put them on as he played the wrap song he wrote about the company called “Black and Orange” which are the company colors…I dare you to beat that!

Really the passage at the beginning of my blog isn’t about fishing at all, but more of a realization that if you are passionate about what you do, you will surround yourself with like-minded people that believe in the same thing. The naysayers in life will weed themselves out in the end, leaving only the people that matter most. This type of passion is no longer a hobby to me but rather my purpose in all aspects of life.

Whether its work or personal, find something to be passionate about and make it your purpose in life.

As a shameless plug…if your amped up after hearing all of this talk about passion and you have experience in the technologies listed on our website,, then please feel free to reach out to myself or apply on our site. We are looking for experienced people to join our awesome culture and to further grow the Varrow tribe!




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2 02 2011

Have fun in Patagonia bud! Awesome post

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