EMC Celerra Unified Storage, FAST Sub-LUN, FAST Cache and VDI Reference Architecture

12 09 2010

EMC recently created a reference architecture document focused on Celerra, FAST, EFD’s and View 4.5, linked below, which is a must read if you are planning to adopt virtual desktops in your environment.  Heck, even if you have already implemented VDI,  and are probably trying to figure out how to cost justify the storage investment, this guide will show you how to do just that.

VDI has been around for a few years now so it’s not an earth shattering statement to say that it places unique demands on storage.  At any kind of scale, the amount of shared storage required to support the I/O generated by a bunch of individual virtual workstations drives up cost, and therefore ends up being a huge barrier to adoption.

EMC is working to remove this barrier through the recent releases around FAST-Sub-LUN, and FAST Cache, coupled with Enterprise Flash Drives, which as demonstrated in this white paper, can provide the same I/O capacity as traditional storage but with a 75% reduction in the number of required disks…which leads to a 60% reduction in overall costs!

The following chart represents a comparison of the storage needed to support 500 concurrent View 4.5 based virtual workstations both when leveraging FAST, FAST Cache, and EFD’s, and without these game changing technologies.

This is just a teaser but read through the white paper to learn more…





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20 12 2010

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