GNS3 and Network Simulation Resources

6 07 2010

Lately I have been spending a lot of time on the networking side of the world.  This has mostly been in an effort to knock out some Cisco certifications, but it has actually proven to be a pretty interesting journey.  One of the biggest time savers throughout this process was the ability to perform all of my hands on lab work anywhere I could sit down and pop open my laptop.  This was courtesy of GNS3, or Graphic Network Simulator, which is a package of tools that allows for the simulation of network environments straight from your laptop or workstation…sure beats the heck out of buying old switches and routers off of eBay.  GNS3 gives you the ability to emulate various Cisco IOS router platforms along with IPS, PIX, and ASA firewalls, as well as the ability to use Wireshark for packet capture.

Even if this tool isn’t new for some of you, the following site, GNS3 Labs, proved to be a great pool of resources for further extending the use of GNS3.

There are several cool lab and exercise bundles built around GNS3, and whether your trying to study for certs or just extend your networking skill set in general, the site can prove to be pretty handy.

Also be sure to check out the Packet Pushers podcast!




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