Moses Cone and Cisco UCS: In the Limelight

26 04 2010

Who would have ever thought that the day would come when server and network hardware would be considered cool or could make you famous…well that is exactly what happened to Moses Cone, one of Varrow’s top customers, after implementing Cisco’s Unified Computing System.

MCHS made the decision to implement UCS after evaluating their requirements for hosting a new data warehousing solution.  Based on the extensive performance requirements and constantly changing specifications, they determined that a more robust and flexible computing platform was needed which could scale beyond their existing rack server environment while not introducing any additional management overhead.

In walks UCS to meet their needs and the rest is history.  Moses Cone was one of the first organizations in the country to implement Cisco UCS and has now been operating it in production for 8+ months.  Due to their investment in this technology and corresponding mind share, they have received a lot of good press and in turn have made some great contributions.  Listed below is a rundown of the relavent articles. – Cisco Technology Panel Discussion with Michael Heil from Moses Cone – YouTube Video Overview of Moses Cone Discussing UCS – Moses Cone UCS Case Study – Michael Heil’s Blog

Ain’t it cool to to be on the cutting edge of technology!




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