VMware View 4 and Network Design: The Other Big Consideration

5 04 2010

If one were to search the web right now for “View 4 and design considerations”, or heck just “VDI and design considerations”, I bet the majority of returned hits would be focused on storage and hosting infrastructure.  It’s true that it’s very easy to succumb to tunnel vision and get lost in trying to figure out VM to server density as well as the total IOPS that will be required to support a virtual desktop infrastructure.  However, be sure not to miss the VDI forest for the technology trees.

Outside of storage and hosting infrastructure, the network is easily the next, most equally important area of focus for designing the integration of virtual desktops within any infrastructure…and I’m not just talking latency/bandwidth either.

Networking considerations for VDI consist of:

  • Load balancing of critical infrastructure components
  • Access for LAN based users
  • Access for WAN based users including location of critical resources, acceleration of services, and link redundancy
  • Secure remote access including VPN strategies for PCoIP
  • Network aggregation for virtual workstation connectivity at the physical and virtual network layers
  • QoS
  • Multimedia Redirection or MMR
  • Offloading of network services such as SSL
  • Network monitoring

Before your eyes roll back in your collective heads, remember that this is an all-encompassing list for environments of all sizes.  However, while some of these may not be applicable for small environments, they should all be given attention as even the smallest VDI deployment will grow over time.

Cisco has done a good job of consolidating all of these topics into a single document which mirrors each to a solution in their respective portfolio.  There is also a ton of good info regarding the detailed outline of all communication throughout a View environment.





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5 04 2010
Shannon McFarland

Matt, I am glad you enjoyed my CVD (Cisco Validated Design) on View 4. I will be doing an update to this as we get closer to the next version of View.

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