EMC Storage: Determining Part Compatibility

29 03 2010

Just a short post today as I’m busy preparing for a class starting tomorrow bright and early, but still an important one nonetheless.  While working on a project with a customer recently in which we were trying to determine how to best reuse existing disks and DAE’s in a new Clariion array, I stumbled upon the EMC Parts Compatibility Matrix.  This resource, located on Powerlink at the following URL, not only provides information on parts but also lists all relative information regarding full description, lifecycle status, and interoperability with different platforms.


One thing that I did notice which I found to be counter-intuitive was the search criteria.  While the search field states it’s based on part number, I wasn’t able to locate any parts based upon the part number listed in the SP Collect from the array in question.  However, I was successful in locating information using the TLA Number.

While there are a few other good tidbits of knowledge on the compatibility matrix site, the following PDF contains a lot of great information in regards to interoperability of DAE’s and disks in different models of Clariion and Celerra arrays, along with specific requirements around Flare code versioning as well as implications to disk and bus speed.





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