Citrix Program Neighborhood EOL and Quick Launch

1 02 2010

In case you missed it, the release of the Citrix online plug-in v11.0 this past year signaled the end of Program Neighborhood.  PN is considered a legacy client which allows for making direct connections to Presentation or XenApp servers.  While there are certainly better ways to provide access to Citrix resources in a user environment, Program Neighborhood was useful in addressing specific access requirements and more so as a tool for the Citrix admin to troubleshoot published resource and connectivity issues.

As stated, v11.0 of the online plug-in is the last version to include PN and no longer installs it by default.  Beyond v11.0, v11.1 does not include PN but will support its use, and v11.2 officially ends support period.  The following KB article covers all the details.

If you have plans to migrate to the new client platform that the online plug-in provides or have already migrated and find a need for PN functionality, the Quick Launch utility is specifically built for this purpose and can be used in conjunction with both older client versions as well as v11.0 and beyond.  If your new to all things Citrix and were never familiar with PN, this application add-on facilitates direct connections to XenApp servers therefore circumventing the need for or reliance upon Web Interface or PN Agent sites.  It also has functionality for creating custom ICA files.

The Quick Launch tool can be downloaded from the following location which also contains additional information on installation and configuration.




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