EdgeSight for Load Testing:XenApp Load Testing Resources

17 01 2010

Well it’s another rainy Sunday afternoon and I’m holed up in the house prepping for the week ahead.  Tomorrow I’ll be starting a load testing engagement to determine how a customer’s new XenApp environment will need to be sized so they can identify budget requirements for the final implementation.

I have preached about the importance of load testing, especially in virtualized XenApp environments, many times in the past so I’ll save you the speech.  While I definitely think people understand the concept their still reluctant to follow through.  A big part of this reluctance I feel comes out of a perception that it will be very complicated to configure and execute a load test.  The reality is there are lots of tools out there for assisting with load testing and one built specifically for Citrix is EdgeSight for Load Testing.  While it does require licensing, if you’re a XenApp Enterprise or Platinum customer then you actually own this product already.  As far as complexity is concerned, this tool if pretty simple to install and configure.  If there is anything that could be construed as being complex it would be the creation of load testing scripts.

Fortunately Citrix has published a XenApp load testing kit that includes pre-created scripts for executing a load test against Office 2007 along with instructions on building the whole test environment, as well as the custom transforms for installing Office.  While this kit has a specific focus on load testing on XenServer or configuring a XenServer vs. the “brand x” hypervisor type test, all the resources can be used for any type of underlying host configuration.  As a disclaimer by suggesting the use of this resource I am in no way suggesting that anyone move to XenServer, nor am I agreeing with the whole XenServer vs. everyone else tone in the documentation.

http://community.citrix.com/display/xs/XenServer+Resource+Kit – XenApp Server Virtualization Test Toolkit

If you already have an EdgeSight for LT environment configured and you just need help with the configuration of a test, there is another resource, linked below, which just includes pre-created scripts for executing a load test against Office 2007 as well as the transform for installing Office 2007 per the desired test setup.





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