Disaster Recovery: It’s Really that Easy

16 11 2009

So how many of you out there have been involved in or are responsible for ensuring that your company’s critical systems always remain online?  It’s a daunting task sometimes, who am I kidding almost all the time, but take heart as there are alternatives to a career of manual recovery exercises.  Even better, these options build on top of virtualization, a technology most of you should already be using to reduce resource utilization and management.

Bottom line, if you have VMware ESX in your environment along with replicated storage then you can layer on Site Recovery Manager to automate the failover and recovery of your virtual environment, from servers to workstations.  And recently SRM was upgraded to include support for vSphere, ESX 4.0, and NFS storage. 

The following 2 documents from VIOPS outline leveraging Site Recovery Manager in conjunction with EMC storage and VMware vSphere to configure fully automated failover and recovery of virtual systems.  So whether you have a FC based SAN or are using NFS for shared storage connectivity, you should be leveraging SRM to automate DR in your environment.

http://viops.vmware.com/home/docs/DOC-1602 – Steps to setup SRM 4.0 with EMC Celerra NAS Replication

http://viops.vmware.com/home/docs/DOC-1227 – Steps to setup SRM 4.0 with EMC Clariion Storage




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