SRM 4.0 and EMC Celerra: How to Guide

11 10 2009

As I’m sure you have all read by now, version 4.0 of Site Recovery Manager is hot off the assembly line from VMware with some exciting new features.  Probably the most interesting new functionality to me is support for NFS.

When poking around for some technical tidbits I happened upon the following guide courtesy of the VIOPS site.  Authored by Cormac Hogan from VMware, the guide is a step by step whitepaper which outlines how to configure SRM 4.0 in conjunction with EMC Celerra, with a specific focus on NFS based storage.  Even cooler is the fact that you can leverage the Celerra Simulator, available free of charge from Powerlink, along with ESX to get your feet wet with testing this new functionality without touching your production environment.  Ain’t virtualization grand!




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18 11 2009
Virtualization Short Take #31 - - The weblog of an IT pro specializing in virtualization, storage, and servers

[…] Hensley posted a link to this VIOPS document on how to setup VMware SRM 4.0 with an EMC Celerra storage array. I […]

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