Citrix XenApp Training, No Excuses!

23 08 2009

It seems like all too many times I have witnessed people in the IT industry use training as an excuse not to learn something new…sounds backwards right?  Well basically, I think that people tend to get upset when their employers cut training or travel budgets  and use that as an excuse not to help themselves.  I think that a lot of us rely too much on structured training and do not leverage the resources readily available from an unlimited number of free sources.

A perfect example is located at the link below.  While browsing the Citrix Communities site I happened upon these great video tutorials which cover several technical topics around XenApp including profiles, Application Isolation and Streaming, CPU and Memory optimizations, XenApp policy, and the list goes on.  These are aspects which are often misunderstood, not properly utilized, and/or configured incorrectly in XenApp environments.  With just a little bit of time and initiative, leveraging resources such as this can make the aforementioned challenges simple to overcome.

So take a few minutes out of your day to help yourself.  There is ultimately no excuse when it comes to bettering your skillset and your career.




One response

24 08 2009
Kevin Shanahan

Thank you Matt! These are very useful videos. Sometimes we become so used to “Googling” answers and being reactive to situations that we forget to search for the tools, such as these videos, that help us become more proactive.

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