Citrix Port Number and Usage Explained

10 08 2009

A customer recently expressed their frustration around not being able to find a document or resource that clearly outlines the network ports in use by the various Citrix products.  While most network engineers worth their salt can recite the ports used by ICA, there are a lot of other extraneous ports in use by not only the peripheral technologies around XenApp, but XenDesktop, Access Gateway, and a multitude of other products in the Citrix suite as well.

The document located at the first link below was created by the Citrix System III Interoperability Test Team of the Application Virtualization Group, say it 3 times fast, and covers the port usage and corresponding explanations for all of the major Citrix products.  I have also included an additional link which addresses XenDesktop specifically since only Desktop Server 1.0 is mentioned in the port usage document. – Citrix Port Number Usage and Connections – XenDesktop Pilot Reference Architecture




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