Wyse Virtual Desktop Accelerator (VDA): PCoIP Alternative?

20 07 2009

Wyse recently announced the release of a software-only based solution for accelerating RDP and ICA traffic using both Wyse thin clients and standard workstations.  This is pretty exciting news as we all know that the user experience can often make or break a VDI/SBC deployment and anything that can make it better, specifically for remote users, is critical. 

With the software-based flavor of PC-over-IP on the horizon it is yet to be determined how the two will pair up, but Wyse currently claims that it can improve the performance of RDP and ICA connections by as much as 3x with 300ms latency and 768kbps downstream bandwidth.  This is pretty important for a few reasons.  First, it gives organizations that are not using VMware View an option for improving usability for their WAN-based users and second it extends the capabilities of existing environments who are in need of better performance.  Last, the solution does not require the purchase of specialized hardware on the server or client end to enable use which can typically hamper adoption of an alternative approach to deploying physical PC’s due to initial cost.

Wyse accomplishes this impressive boost in performance by designing their own custom transport protocol combined with a mixture of proxies, tunneling, and packet correction.  The following links contain more information about this exciting new technology as well as a download section for obtaining a trial version.






2 responses

21 07 2009
Stuart Robinson

Note that PCoIP software that is coming in VMware View does NOT require any special hardware in the server or on the desktop.

ie it will work with repurposed desktops, notebooks (mobility) and thin clients.
Or for those who want the security and TCO benefits of a hardware zero client – it is possible for multi-protocol PCoIP hardware zero clients to connect to VMware View. IT can choose.

But no special hardware is required.

Stu Robinson, Dir Biz Dev, Teradici

23 07 2009

Thanks Stuart…you raise an important point that I did not clarify in my post. My primary point was to outline that the Wyse solution does not require any hardware and can be leveraged with multiple broker technologies. My understanding is that the PCoIP would still require specialized hardware if it is being used in conjunction with anything other than View. Is there any plan to license the software version of PCoIP for other VDI solutions?

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