Virtualizing Microsoft Active Directory

28 06 2009

OK, so I’ll admit that I have a problem…I’m a VIOPS junky.  A few of my previous posts have been based on resources from this great site but hey can you blame me?  There is a wealth of good information available on all things VMware and this particular article is no exception.

In a lot of the server virtualization environments I encounter the topic of virtualizing AD is in some form of contention.  A number of people have a subset of their domain controllers virtualized while others have all of them virtual, but in either case there is usually always an underlying tone of insecurity around the topic and a lot of misinformation.

I’m a firm believer in the saying that no 2 environments are alike and ultimately every aspect of infrastructure design needs to be carefully weighed against the details at hand.  While this topic is no different the information in this article should help to dispel some common misconceptions and therefore assist in making a more educated decision around virtualizing such a critical component as Active Directory. 

Thanks to Steve Chambers for this great information.




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