XenDesktop 3.1 Agent

21 06 2009

A new XenDesktop agent, version 3.1, is due out this week.  Listed below are some of the issues resolved with this latest release:

  1. Redirected COM ports cannot be accessed outside of a user’s logon session. This enhancement allows you to issue a “net use com4: \\client\com1” command to add a global device link named “COM4” to the redirected COM1 port, allowing processes outside of the user’s logon session to access the COM port. To enable this enhancement, you must set the following registry key:HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Citrix\PortICA\Serial
    Name: CreateGlobalDevice
    Type: REG_DWORD
    Data: <greater than zero>

    [From XDE310VDA002][#206151]

  2. After reconnecting to a disconnected session, mapped COM ports might no longer be available.[From XDE300VDA002][#208370]
  3. Printers do not autocreate when a virtual desktop agent is started from a halted state instead of from an idle state.[From XDE300VDA002][#208395]
  4. After installing Version 3.1 (Build 3231) of the virtual desktop agent, logon times might take in excess of one minute.[From XDE300VDA002][#210159]
  5. After installing Version 3.1 (Build 3231) of the virtual desktop agent on Windows XP, the Citrix Audio Service fails to start.[From XDE300VDA002][#210166]
  6. After configuring XenDesktop according to Knowledge Center Article CTX118976 (Configuring XenDesktop to Function Properly Without an Organizational Unit in Active Directory), the virtual desktop agent fails to register.[From XDE300VDA002][#210798]



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