Profiles, Profiles, Profiles

27 05 2009

It’s very common that I observe organizations put a lot of time and resources into architecting and implementing a Server Based Computing environment but then leaving out the details with the overall solution.  It’s quite often these details that make or break an implementation and leave a less than desirable impression on users.  Out of the many different Citrix and native TS environments that I have encountered where users complained about “issues” most all were caused by these details being an afterthought.

One of the most critical details with any type of SBC or VDI environment is the user profile.  I won’t go into depth explaining the mechanics of how profiles work but suffice to say if you have either of the aforementioned types of technologies in your environment or are planning to implement them you should review the KB article located at the following hyperlink. – Citrix User Profile Best Practices

This is a great article which outlines the different types of profiles, defining requirements, and design considerations for implementing Microsoft centric profiles.  While the document focuses on XenApp it is applicable across all Server Based Computing and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure environments.

There are also a myriad of 3rd party profile solutions in the marketplace which can go beyond what is natively possible with MS-based profiles.  One such solution is the Flex Profile Kit from Immidio which we at Varrow have a lot of success implementing for our customers who are using native roaming profiles and encounter difficulties with management or an inconsistent end user experience.  Jeremy Waldrop, another Varrow engineer, wrote a great white paper, linked below, which can be leveraged to implement this free solution in your environment. Varrow Whitepaper: User Profile Best Practices




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