Citrix XenApp-Advanced Concepts Guide and Resources

27 04 2009

In my opinion the resources outlined in the Advanced Concepts Guide are often overlooked by most Citrix engineers and not leveraged as much as they should be.  While the base documentation for XenApp, i.e. admin and install guides, provide enough information to get an environment built and configured they typically don’t assist with designs or questions that go beyond the default setup.  The Advanced Concepts Guide helps fill in the gaps where the base documentation falls short and can prove very useful as you work to tweak and tune your Citrix environment.  This information is by no means new but it still proves to be very useful even as you look towards upgrading to XenApp 5.0.

Listed below are some of the key resources which I have found useful along with a short description: – Presentation Server Console Communication Bandwidth – The main takeaway here is to publish the AMC and PS Consoles for administering remote farms rather than trying to manage them across the WAN using a local instance of either console – Presentation Server Communication Bandwidth Requirements and Application of ICA Bandwidth Formulas – This article is very helpful in determining communication bandwidth requirements for WAN-based farms – Effects of Varying the Number of CPU’s of a Citrix Presentation Server – I have often been asked how many CPU’s should be configured for a XenApp server.  Well the answer is still “it depends” but this is an interesting read which outlines the results of testing various CPU configurations for a particular server load – Hardware Configuration – Probably one of the most common performance issues that I encounter with Presentation Servers is incorrectly configured hardware, specifically with the disk subsystem.  This article at least provides a general overview of best practices for configuring your XenApp hardware – Scalability – Number of Users per Presentation Server – If I had a dollar for every person who has ever asked me “how many users can I fit on a single PS server” lets just say that I wouldn’t be writing this blog right now…or at least I would be doing so from my own private island.  While this isn’t the definitive guide for server sizing it is an excellent place to start when trying to accurately size servers in your XenApp environment

These are just a few of the sections outlined in the Advanced Concepts Guide which also includes specifics for Password Manager, Smart Auditor, Licensing, Application Streaming, etc so I definitely encourage reviewing these great resources as you might just find something useful for your environment. – Advanced Concepts Guide – Citrix Presentation Server, Platinum Edition




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